A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Tomorrow Will Be Dying is a relaxing, story-driven visual novel about finding yourself through your connections with other people.

Kickstarter successful!

Slice of Life

Rated 13+

Full release planned for Fall 2020


B was popular among her class-mates in high school, often surrounded by people that were drawn to her prince-like demeanor. She was practically the opposite of what others thought her to be, being a dead-pan introvert that spends her days collecting and raising bugs, but she hid away her true self in fear of being isolated. She found safety in the occult club alongside AC and N, who all had strange interests of their own. However, by the end of their senior year, both A and N disappeared without a trace.

Now B is a nineteen year-old entomology student pursuing her passions at Mokuzai University. She and C have gotten used to their daily life-styles with only each other around, but their paths only truly start to set in motion when A and N unexpectedly crash back into their lives.

Follow along B's story as she reconnects with old friends, makes new ones, and overcomes the traumas of her past.

Demo Features

*Everything shown in the demo is subject to change as progress is made on the game

*Now available for PC and Mac!

  • Approximately 20-30  minutes of gameplay (2 in-game days)
  • 25+ Mini-Panel CGs, 18+ Full CGs
  • 3 BGs (2 are wips)

Planned Full Game Features

  • Forge relationships - Spend time with the other characters in the story - each with their own dreams, aspirations and worries to discover.
  • Balance your life -  Eat, sleep, and exercise to maintain health in your pursuit of happiness. Manage "fluid" stats such as hunger or energy in order to increase permanent stats such as academics or cooking ability. These stats, in addition to conditions such as brave or drunk affect the choices you can make. 
  • A variety of activities - Shop for groceries, cook meals using ingredients, collect insects, study, play video games, go to class or work, hit the gym - there will be some down time between events every day to use as you see fit.
  • Party System - Certain characters can join you as you move about town, providing certain benefits to activities such as boosting your cooking success rate, helping pay for groceries, etc.
  • A plethora of art - While visually more simple than other visual novels, "Tomorrow Will Be Dying" features unique, line-boiled sprites for each character to help them come to life and convey their emotion. There are also 50+ planned CGs for daily activities and story events, as well as 20+ planned BGs for the different locations.

Follow development!


Install instructions

*Mac Users: There is an issue where the app will be treated by the Quarantine service as a potential security threat. Follow the instructions here to bypass this: https://help.yoyogames.com/hc/en-us/articles/216753558-Mac-app-damaged-when-downloaded-from-the-internet

It seems there's no other way to get around this at the moment. Please inform us of any other issues you may have!


Tomorrow Will Be Dying Demo (Windows) 406 MB
Tomorrow Will Be Dying Demo (Mac) 409 MB

Development log


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hello! i was looking forward to playing the demo on my mac but as i tried to launch it, my computer said “Tomorrow Will Be Dying” is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the Trash. for me :((

is there a way to fix this? if not, i'll just patiently wait for the full game release! from the looks of it, the game seems cool :)

Hi 2kyo, thanks for your interest in our game! Please follow the instructions in this linke to rectify the issue: https://help.yoyogames.com/hc/en-us/articles/216753558-Mac-app-damaged-when-downloaded-from-the-internet

We're still looking for a better way to get around the issue - if there is one we haven't been made aware of it yet!


Hi Team Robo! This is a little random, but I didn't know where else to reach out to you guys about this. I know you guys are focused on completing the game, but I was wondering if there was any way I could volunteer my time to help you run your social media account! I could share content, comment and like posts!  Maybe even establish a Discord group! I just want to give my time and help people. It's okay if it isn't possible. I just wanted to see if there was any way for me to help :) 

Hi Amanda! Thanks so much for reaching out, that's so sweet! It's true we don't have as much time to focus on social media, and it can be tough to keep up with it, so we really do appreciate the offer. We think we can manage - at least for now, but we'll reach out to you if we ever change our mind! 


Yeah of course! I completely understand! Please do reach out in the future if you change your mind! Your game is so lovely, I want more visual novel fans like me to find out about it. Best of luck with everything and stay safe! <3 :)


i haven’t played this game yet but i can already tell it’s gonna be good 


this is the best game i have ever played, and i just played the demo.

Such kind words <3<3 thank you so much! Hope you try the full game when it comes out!


I can't wait for the full release! The art style is amazing, it's so mesmerizing!

Thank you for the kinds words, rnwlljrs!

Cool demo, can't wait for the full version! !!!
Also, will this game be on steam?

That's the plan, yes! Glad you liked it, g4bs00! <3

Great demo with beautiful art.

Thank you so much vinegarade!

excuse me but how much is the game gonna cost?

Hi saphirex, we'll set the price to the same amount as in the pre-order store, which is CA$11 (about US$8)

SOO excited for this game to come out! I especially love the little animation that you can find with each character. It's these little details and appearance of motion that helped this game stand out to me. It's even in the title right above where I'm typing! hahaha. I love drawing in my free time and I would love to learn how you were able to accomplish that effect. Thank you! I'm looking forward to following the development of this game! :D

Thank you Amanda, this means the world to us <3 When nonagon (the artist of the game) finishes an asset, they essentially trace over it on another layer, giving it the line boil animation effect!

Oooh okay! I'll give that a try! Thank you so much for answering my question! Looking forward to your continued updates. I'll continue to share them as well. :)

This demo is great!! I love this kind of game! <3The CG of the game are very cute. (*╹▽╹*)May I know the production tools of this game? Is it RPG Maker?

(My English is not very good, please forgive me<3)

Aw, thank you so much for the kind words, Kansas! This game is made in GameMaker Studio 2!

WOW! Thank you for your reply!<3 I played this demo today. It's hard to imagine that this is a project done by only two people. It's kind of like animation.I really like it!!!!!Looking forward to the follow-up. I will follow its progress. I've recommended it to my friends :D Again, I like it very much! Love you.爱你!(⑉°з°)-♡ 

(maybe the game can add dialogue playback function. Sometimes I accidentally press the keyboard and not watching the full dialogue.T T)

We'll see if we can get a back function  working with our current engine - but, if not, at the very least there will be a log system to read anything you miss! Thanks again <3

The demo so amazing! But I wish it have save...

Will the full game have skip feature? It would be lovely if it do! I wanna skip the part I played in the demo. I'm not finish the demo yet cuz the is not save and my back killing me, but I don't wanna replay either urgh...

We'll look into putting in a skip system at least for the full release, if not the extended demo. Thank you so much, and sorry to hear about your back!

That was amazing! i cant wait to see the full game! i will be following devolpment closely!

Thank you so much for the kind words, Skrill Creed! We're glad you liked it!

For some reason when I try to start the game it ends up saying 'game not compatible with software' I have a windows 10 is this supposed to happen? the game looks very pretty and I really want to play it thank youu

(1 edit)

That's so strange, it definitely works on Windows 10 (we built it on it), so we're not sure where the problem could lie. Are you running a 32-bit or 64-bit system?

We can't find that specific error message when searching it up... Can you try posting a screenshot/snip of the exact error message when you try to start it up? (or you can send it to our e-mail,  nevereverrude@live.com ) Thank you!


I love the art style <3


Aww, thanks Avery! Appreciate it <3


this looks so beautiful!!!  im so excited for when it fully comes out <3


Thank you so much potatotiger!! <'3


I love the aesthetic and atmosphere it's really interesting, looking forward to seeing more 


Thank you so much saphirex, we're so glad you liked it!


this project is looking great! will there be a demo for mac sometime soon? :o

Thank you Tamara! We're working on a Mac build currently, but there's been some issues (namely with our Mac). We'll try to get it sorted as soon as possible!


I absolutely loved this. I'm dying for more! (Pun intended!) 

The stylization of everything stands out a lot! All the little details and animations really help bring the entire experience to life. The soundtrack was great as well! Seems like there's going to be a lot of interesting gameplay elements when it comes to cooking and time-spending. I'm looking forward to seeing how it'll be expanded!

I made a video with my commentary and experiences. Looking forward to seeing the full game! Keep up the great work and good luck with the rest of development!

Aaa thank you so much for the video NLAigis, we loved it! All of your commentary was so sweet and we're so happy you enjoyed the demo QvQ  It was super motivating! <3


I really liked the game! So pretty, the colors are beutifull and i love the characters. I can't wait to play it all. 

Aaaa thank you so much luhpng, we're so glad you liked it!

I was wondering if there is a place were I can contact the team? Im replaying this game and I just love it.  I really like the story the art style, the colors, I would love to be part of it!  I  was wondering if you need another artist or something like that , or maybe for another game.   This is my instagram https://www.instagram.com/luh.png/ . Sorry for posting a coment here, I couldnt find a Discord and I don't have twitter lol 

Thank you again luhpng QvQ  We're so flattered that you'd want to be a part of our project! Unfortunately, we're not looking to hire any artists right now, but we'll let you know if we are in the future! We've also added our e-mail to  our bio page if you have any further questions ^^

Amazing !! Thank you :) 

When I played the game wouldn't let me get past the phone konbini part of the game I called him but it acted as if I hadn't and I couldn't interact with anything else in the game but the instant ramen that was still in my back pack.

Ah, thank you for informing us of this, that's really weird! We'll look into it right away!